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Mike has years of experience in community and interactive theater. Time spent with professional dinner theater companies and an improv comedy troupe has given him the skills needed to interact with your audience members to guarantee a fun and memorable event.

Mike has played many roles on stage and TV, providing great range:

  • He has played dramatic parts (a plumber on a TV commercial)
  • He has played comedic parts (you should see him in costume)
  • He sings (very poorly, but he's working on it)
  • He dances (even worse - gave up working on it years ago)
  • It just goes on and on...

Mike also has extensive experience as a Master of Ceremonies. He has worked in venues from community theater variety shows to Awards and Recognition ceremonies. Mike has also served many roles in all kinds of family functions: Weddings, Birthdays, Reunions and even Memorial Services.

So if you are looking for someone to lead the event, consider hiring Mike as an entertainer, MC, Moderator or Facilitator.

Current full-length shows in production:

TURNING 50 (and other humorous stories)

Mike has spent years collecting anecdotes and humorous stories drawn from his own personal experiences. Listening to him relate the trials and tribulations of growing up and growing (gulp!) old, you will laugh, smile and even wipe away a sentimental tear as Mike shares the humor and heart found in everyday situations and mundane occurrences.

His stories include:

  • A touching look back at his daughter's high school graduation
  • The riotous road trip to the big city of Boston for a concert
  • A look forward (and back) on the occasion of his 50th birthday
  • Much, much more…


We get to see a slightly different side of Mike as he presents his new one-man show “My Mother, My Father and My Mother.” Though Mike’s well-known humor is still woven throughout his stories, this presentation is far more introspective as we learn what it was like to grow up Mike. A few stories you may have heard before, but now they will all fit together as Mike talks about dealing with death, adoption, and watching his parents grow older.

For more information contact Mike directly.
Phone: (207) 282-1741
E-mail: mphstoryteller@aol.com