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Some of Mike's Favorite Characters

Mike as 'The Boss' from 'Who Killed the Boss'

The Boss from "Who Killed the Boss"
Mike as 'Marvin Ferguson' from 'Shipwrecked'

Marvin Ferguson from "Shipwrecked"
Mike as 'Cecco the Pirate' from 'Peter Pan'

Cecco the Pirate from "Peter Pan"
Mike as 'Henry Albertson' from 'The Fantasticks'

Henry Albertson from "The Fantasticks"
Mike as himself on a really bad hair day

Mike Harris as himself
(on a really bad hair day!)
Dennis The Elf Healy and Mike Harris as Santa

Dennis "The Elf" Healy
and Mike Harris as Santa

Mike has performed in several interactive theatrical productions that required him to stay in character for several hours to an entire weekend.

Let Mike create and step into a special character for your next event.

For more information contact Mike directly.
Phone: (207) 282-1741
E-mail: mphstoryteller@aol.com